Photo Verification addresses one of online dating's most significant problems: users do not always look the way they do in their photos. Video moderation for Photo Verification solves this problem by allowing users to upload a video that is then compared to the users' photos. Once photos are deemed as accurate and up-to-date representations of the user, a badge will be displayed on all sections of the profile where those photos are displayed. The Verification badge then serves as a powerful signaling mechanism that leads to benefits including increased user interactions, an understanding that the user is who they say they are, and a willingness to meet the user in person.


PRODUCT & UX GOALS  |  Design a badge that promotes and showcases verified photos, and create and design calls-to-action that are prominent and compelling. Overall, the feature should increase user satisfaction, trust, and engagement by providing a consistent and reliable method to verify user identity.

ROLE  |  Visual Designer of the Photo Verification badge and all calls-to-action throughout the product.