The goal of this project was to design and/or reposition a local business. Students had to perform research on a local business and then had to design a logo and business system. Changing the name of the business was also permitted.

Picking Daisies is a handmade cloth napkin shop based in San Luis Obispo, CA. They are a family-run business with strong ties to the surrounding community. They also have a successful online retail business.

My concept was to rebrand the business to better portray who they are and what they do. By creating a play-on-words name, "Napkin," I wanted to emphasize exactly what they sold while also hinting at the family-run, local aspect, as is evidenced in the word "kin." To appeal to their primary customer base of young professionals and families aged 30-50, I created a  fresh and simple brand identity. Furthermore, to make their colorful patterned goods stand out further, I used a basic color palette and modern, minimal styling.

ROLE  |  Sole designer